Coming soon – Deborah’s Party

With a little over a month to go, preparations are in full swing for Deborah’s Party.  Deborah has the evening all mapped out – Jenny and Simon have been invited, the meal is all planned, Mrs Seymour will be on hand to help and Alan WILL behave himself.  What could possibly go wrong?!

Coming soon - Deborah' s Party

Why not pop round and find out.

Deborah Jarvis has arranged a dinner party for her ‘unlucky in love’ work colleague Jenny.  Her plan is to pair Jenny off with mild-mannered neighbour Simon.  But Jenny already has a suitor in highly-strung TV producer Barnaby Ruttle.  Barnaby’s unwanted appearance during the course of the evening will test Deborah’s nerves.  Unknown to Deborah, husband Alan and even cleaning lady Mrs Seymour are also about to have their nerves tested by further arrivals.


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