Chim-chimenee, chim-chimenee

We’ve carried out some more important maintenance work at the Old Day School this month, repairing a chimney that was looking rather less sturdy than one of Nick’s stage sets (make of that what you will).

Just erecting the scaffolding was a major undertaking in itself. Once it was up, some brave souls with a head for heights and a dab hand with a trowel went up on the roof to conduct the repairs.


At about the same time we took delivery of the garden gnomes we had ordered.

“Fishing” and “Sitting on toadstool” had sold out so we were left with a job lot of “Drinking tea”.

While the builders were distracted by the camera, the munchkins they had put in the bucket to mix the cement managed to escape and attempted to hide in a small carrier bag.

Inspired by Becky’s latest cake, the lads did a great job of “icing” the top of the chimney.

DSC_0135 lite

The winner of Hide and Seek is…


…still up there, as far as we know.  Good hiding place though.

Strip Poker, BaCStage-style:


The loser has to strip some woodwork and repaint it in a colour of the winner’s choosing.  Rumour has it that Nick’s underpants are colour-coded by Dulux.  The happy, smiling trauma-free faces in this picture suggest that he still had his trousers on when it was taken.

Other varieties of paint (and underpant) are also available.

How Does Your Garden Grow?


Ours is doing rather well despite the dry summer.  Head gardener John has been keeping it well watered until such time as we have another barbecue.

Nathan Pond – getting the band back together.

DSC_0138 lite

A couple of in-jokes there for our regular followers.

Here we see the finished result in all its glory:


This photo doesn’t really do justice to the amount of work carried out.  The smaller chimney pot had previously been removed; the larger one was only held in place by its own weight.  We had to remove several layers of bricks before reaching anything solid enough to build back up from.  A bit of windy weather could have brought the whole lot down through the roof, but now it is good-as-new and even more sturdy than one of Nick’s stage sets.

Another top-quality BaCStage production.


You’re all invited to Deborah’s Party

After much reading of scripts, and no little scratching of heads, we have decided upon Deborah’s Party by Geoff Bamber as our production for November 2013.  We have performed plays by Geoff Bamber before, most recently How Does Your Garden Grow? in 2011 which proved popular with cast and audience alike, so we should all be in for a good evening’s entertainment round at Deborah’s this Autumn.

Deborah Jarvis has arranged a dinner party for her ‘unlucky in love’ work colleague Jenny.  Her plan is to pair Jenny off with mild-mannered neighbour Simon.  But Jenny already has a suitor in highly-strung TV producer Barnaby Ruttle.  Barnaby’s unwanted appearance during the course of the evening will test Deborah’s nerves.  Unknown to Deborah, husband Alan and even cleaning lady Mrs Seymour are also about to have their nerves tested by further arrivals.