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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Recently, after one of our script readings, James found a dog in the road outside the ODS.  At first glance it looked hurt but on closer inspection it was OK, but apparently lost.  No-one in the group knew whose dog it was, and neither did anyone in the pub.  It did have a collar saying it was chipped, but no name, address or phone number.  What to do?

We phoned the local vet who said to bring it in and they would scan the chip and contact the owners.  The dog happily jumped into the back of Tessa’s car and then she and James took it to Cromwell’s in Huntingdon.  They read the chip, tried to contact the owners but got no answer, and so agreed to keep the dog in overnight and try again in the morning.  The owners lived in Somersham, which is two villages from Blunty, so it seemed that the dog had been on quite a trek.

That, we thought was that… until the following week’s script reading, when Linda told us she’d had a phone call from the vet about the dog.  It’s not her dog, but she now lives in the house where the owners lived when they had the dog chipped and registered. Fortunately she knows where they moved to, and so was able to help the vet get in touch with them and re-unite them with their wandering pooch. 

Where do they live now?  In Bluntisham, near to the ODS.  So it turns out that the dog hadn’t wandered several miles from Somersham; it had in fact done little more than cross the road, and then cross back again – via an overnight stay at the vet.  So this is one ‘tail’ with a waggy ending. 



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