Sniggering like naughty schoolchildren

There have been echoes of times past at the Old Day School recently as we’ve sat around in a circle, some of us on authentically small primary-school furniture (we have big chairs too; it’s personal preference), sniggering like naughty schoolchildren.

What has prompted these outbursts of collective juvenile behaviour?  I’m glad you asked that.  We’ve been reading scripts for our next production.  Said production will be in November, but so far that’s all we know.  We’ve read and enjoyed several scripts so far, but have yet to choose one.  Things are complicated slightly by not knowing exactly how many actors we’ll have available, but on the plus side that gives an excuse to read a few more before finally making a decision.  Cue more sniggering all round.  Should anyone laugh so hard that they fall of their chair, at least they won’t have far to fall…


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