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… so his name is – Roger!  What is it, boys and girls?  That’s right – it’s Rumplestiltskin!
Last weekend we completed the run of our latest production, Roger, and a great success it was too.  You can see many photos of it here.
This was one of our largest and most ambitious productions to date.  The size of the cast and the number and complexity of scene changes were just some of the challenges we faced.  Admittedly we didn’t have a handrail to contend with this time, which made the whole thing much simpler than our last panto, but even so it kept everyone in the group – including several newcomers, youngsters and loanees from other local groups – on their toes these past few months.  Thanks to the hard work, dedication and talent of all concerned it was a big success.
As well as revelling in our achievements and extending congratulations to all within the group (you know who you are) I’d also like to extend thanks on behalf of all of BaCStage to Jespal Singh for his help in setting up and taking down our stage.  Our ingenious flat-pack stage is described elsewhere; the headline is that each production week starts with set-up day and that in turn starts with ferrying the stage (including flats and props) from storage to the village hall, a task usually completed by a flotilla of cars and trailers to-ing and fro-ing across the village and a band of willing volunteers brandishing screwdrivers and spanners to put the whole thing together.  For this production we had the stage set up in the ODS for rehearsals, which made preparations better but threatened to make set-up day a whole lot harder as we would have to dismantle the stage before said flotilla could start doing its thing.  This is where Jespal Singh stepped in with his simple – but brilliant – solution:
The whole of our stage (boxes still assembled) plus the flats, props and backdrops all fitted into the back of his truck in one go.  We could even have squeezed a few actors in there too, had any been lying around in the ODS at the time.
One short journey later and the whole lot was at the village hall ready to be unloaded:
Instead of having to be assembled the boxes just needed a quick tightening of bolts and hey presto – instant stage!  This saved us countless hours of time and effort, and for that we are all extremely grateful.
Of course the knowledge that all our stuff fits into one truck does introduce an intriguing possibility – BaCStage on tour!  Now there’s a thought…


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  1. Typical! The first set up I’ve missed since I’ve been involved with BacStage and you all arrange for it to be easier !!

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