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Gangnam Style!

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Gangnam Style!

Heck!  Posts on this blog are like buses… large, and sometimes “red”.  Geddit?  You thought I was going to say “none for ages and then two come along at once” didn’t you?
So anyway, as mentioned elsewhere on this blog, we’re doing a panto in February.  Oh yes we are… oh, no, let’s not start all that nonsense again.  We will be presenting Rumplestiltskin, or a loose approximation of it at any rate.  As is the panto way, our version includes a number of characters “inspired by” (in other words “pinched from”) other comedy shows.  For example, our story is set in the kingdom of Hamalot and features, among others, the Knights of the Square Table.  I won’t reveal from whence these were inspired; suffice to say that the Kinghts claim to eat ham, jam and spam, and to do so alot [sic].  Or maybe that should be – do so a lot [sick].
However, not content with raiding the comedy archives, our Knights are keen to show that they are down wit’ da kids.  To do this they will be bustin’ some moves (I know all the youth vernacular, me) from one of the biggest chart-toppers in this year’s hit parade.  Here, for the first time in public, I give you the Knights of the Square Table – Gangnam Style!
Now, the more eagle-eyed among you might spot that a couple of our Knights are of the lady variety.  Knightiness is of course a traditionally male preserve, so what’s going on here?  Sounds like a cue for a Christmas quiz to me!
The question is – which ones are the ladies?
Only kidding.  I know these people – some of them may be female, but that doesn’t make them ladies…
The real question is – why are some of our Knights in fact Knightesses.  Is it because:
a) that’s just how we cast them
b) the girls (who know how to dance) are showing the boys (who don’t) what the steps are
c) we had at least one stand-in at this rehearsal
d) some of the above
e) all of the above
f) none of the above.
And the answer is… going to be revealed when the curtain goes up in February.  You didn’t think I was going to give it away, did you?  (as the actress said to the bishop)


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  1. These posts get wittier and wittier 😀

  2. John Lilley says:

    I sir pect Kevin was so pleased he said, yes I’ll help, you can see his little face light up with the joy of it all…Oh no he isn’t… Oh yes he is….
    Well at least we got the ceiling painted.

  3. Sir-plus-to requirements says:

    When i find out who posted this…………………………………………….

  4. Sir Spicious says:

    haha we are having such a good time with this one

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