Gangnam Style!

Heck!  Posts on this blog are like buses… large, and sometimes “red”.  Geddit?  You thought I was going to say “none for ages and then two come along at once” didn’t you?

So anyway, as mentioned elsewhere on this blog, we’re doing a panto in February.  Oh yes we are… oh, no, let’s not start all that nonsense again.  We will be presenting Rumplestiltskin, or a loose approximation of it at any rate.  As is the panto way, our version includes a number of characters “inspired by” (in other words “pinched from”) other comedy shows.  For example, our story is set in the kingdom of Hamalot and features, among others, the Knights of the Square Table.  I won’t reveal from whence these were inspired; suffice to say that the Kinghts claim to eat ham, jam and spam, and to do so alot [sic].  Or maybe that should be – do so a lot [sick].

However, not content with raiding the comedy archives, our Knights are keen to show that they are down wit’ da kids.  To do this they will be bustin’ some moves (I know all the youth vernacular, me) from one of the biggest chart-toppers in this year’s hit parade.  Here, for the first time in public, I give you the Knights of the Square Table – Gangnam Style!



Now, the more eagle-eyed among you might spot that a couple of our Knights are of the lady variety.  Knightiness is of course a traditionally male preserve, so what’s going on here?  Sounds like a cue for a Christmas quiz to me!

The question is – which ones are the ladies?

Only kidding.  I know these people – some of them may be female, but that doesn’t make them ladies…

The real question is – why are some of our Knights in fact Knightesses.  Is it because:

a) that’s just how we cast them

b) the girls (who know how to dance) are showing the boys (who don’t) what the steps are

c) we had at least one stand-in at this rehearsal

d) some of the above

e) all of the above

f) none of the above.

And the answer is… going to be revealed when the curtain goes up in February.  You didn’t think I was going to give it away, did you?  (as the actress said to the bishop)



An apology and a cake

I’d like to offer our loyal reader an apology.  It has been far too long since anyone posted anything on this blog.  Real life has an annoying habit of getting in the way sometimes.  I won’t waste your time with poor excuses; instead I will pretend that the last post was only a week or so ago and move swiftly on to what we’ve been doing lately.

Phew!  What a… week… it’s been.  In October BaCStage celebrated its 15th birthday with a big cake decorated with pictures from past productions, a suitable quantity of booze and a one-off performance of “Little Grimley Presents Strictly Sex Factor On Ice”, all of which went down very well with the carefully hand-picked audience of family and close friends who were in attendance.  No photos of “Sex Factor” have yet surfaced, unfortunately.  Yours truly was unable to take any piccies because he was on stage acting, dahling, but I did manage to get a snap of the cake before it disappeared, something which it did far more rapidly than a cake of that size had any right to do.


Once the party and Grimley were out of the way, preparations for our next production stepped up from medium- to full-swing.  What, you ask, is our next production?  It’s a panto!  Oh yes it is… oh no it’s not… oh yes it is… and so on, and so on, and so on…

Back in the summer we settled on Rumplestiltskin as our weapon of choice for the panto season.  Things got off to a slightly sticky start when we realised that the size of cast required was somewhat larger than the number of people available, but after some begging, stealing, borrowing, cajoling, arm-twisting, bribery and threats of violence we managed to round up enough bodies to be able to cast it.  BaCStage tradition dictates that February is panto month, more specifically the half-term for the benefit of the junior BaCStagers involved, so next February 14th to 16th we will be performing Rumplestiltskin for the amusement of the good people of Bluntisham and Colne, and indeed anyone else who turns up with a ticket.

Something else we’ll be doing next year is putting more posts onto this blog.  Promise.