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Up in the roof

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Up in the roof

Renovation work continues apace at the Bluntisham Old Day School (ODS).  Recently one brave soul even ventured up into the loft space.


Nice knees, by the way.

But what did they find?  Rumour has it that all the old school records used to be stored up there.  Another, rather less pleasant rumour, says that the loft contains several decades’ worth of pigeon poop.  A third rumour, started on this very page, states that there is a lost and lonely actor who lives in the ODS attic, trapped up there since his mischevious colleague whisked away the ladder up which he had climbed.


This last rumour is given credence by the fact that a potential escape route down the chimney has recently been blocked off.


It seems that all concerned are determined to cover their tracks.


By the time they’ve finished there will be no clue as to the attic’s lonely occupant.  But on stormy nights when the moon is full and the wind whistles around the rooftops of Bluntisham, listen carefully and you may just hear his forlorn voice drifting across the village … “Prompt!  Prompt!  Line please!”


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  1. Tessa says:

    Luke, have you ever thought of becoming a playwrite – there certainly seem to be the makings of something in your flights of fancy ! By the way the owner of the knees was unaware of their imminent rise to fame

  2. Very, very funny Luke and I agree with Tessa you have clearly missed your vocation !

  3. luke says:

    Thank you both, you are very kind! I did once try to write a novel; I found that while I could embellish characters and scenes with lots of irreverent (or irrelevant) details I struggled to come up with a decent plot. Oh well, back to the day job…

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