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Run for your wife

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Run for your wife

Last week several BaCStagers went to see another local group in action as the Centre Players performed Run for your wife in St. Ives.  One of the cast, Terry, has appeared in several recent BaCStage productions, so we were there to have a good laugh at him – for all the right reasons, of course.

And a good laugh it most definitely was, from start to finish.  All the cast made the most of a good script, bringing the characters vividly to life and getting the comic pace and timing just right.  All in all it was an excellent show.

As well as being good fun to watch it looked like a lot of fun to play as well.  One for BaCStage to have a go at in future, perhaps…?


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  1. and cast Terry again in the same role… he’ll know all his lines !

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