Old Day School, Bluntisham


Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group


A rare sunny weekend in the wet spring we’ve been having saw several BaCStagers at the Old Day School to continue with the big clean-up.  Inside the new coat of paint continues to expand to cover more of the wall space and outside we made the most of the weather to crack on with a number of different jobs.
Much of the yard is now weeded and cleared, old stumps, weeds and much of the ivy have been removed from the flower bed and overhanging trees and shrubs have been pruned back from the walls.

At some point in the past some of the lead was stolen from the roof.  The replacement we’ve put on is of the non-metallic variety, resembling a large role of duct tape.  Should keep the damp out!
We may have also solved the problem of flooding in the yard near the back of the building.  We thought it was a simple blocked drain, but even after clearing out years of accumulated silt the drain rods were hitting an obstruction.  Excavations revealed the cause of the problem – when a new drain had been fitted it had cut through an old drain, but the guttering at the back of the building still drained into that old drain.  So, we’re doing what should have been done when that later drain was installed and joining the old one into it.
After only two weekends of work the place is already looking a lot better.  It should make for a really good home for us.


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