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Step 1 – Choose a script

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

Step 1 – Choose a script

Our next production is a panto next February.  But that’s ages away…  Oh no it’s not!  Oh yes it is!  Oh no it’s not!  Oh yes it is! … and so on … and so on …
Although that sort of rowdy banter is the basis of any pantomime (oh no it’s not!  Oh yes it is!) we need a bit more than that.  Actors are strange and fickle beasts (boo!) who make unreasonable demands (hiss!) like being told what to say, so what we need is – a script!  (Hooray!)  Over the next few weeks we’ll read some scripts, choose our favourite, sprinke some BaCStage magic on it and it’ll become our pantomime (Hooray… again).
This week we read Act 1 of a script for Rumplestiltskin.  It has some very good jokes in it (ha ha!), some truly awful ones (groan!) and a large portion of double-entendre slipped in as well (missus!)  We had a lot of fun reading it (oh yes we did!  oh no… let’s not start that again).  Next week we’ll be reading Act 2 and those who already have say that it’s even funnier than Act 1 (oh no it isn’t!)  Is it?  We’ll find out next week!


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