Old Day School, Bluntisham

BaCStage has two new homes

Bluntisham and Colne Stage Group

BaCStage has two new homes

It’s a busy old time for BaCStage at the moment.  Hot on the heels of our successful production of Pass the Butler we have already started work on our next production, and we have moved into not one but two new homes!
Well, sort of.  One of those homes is this website, our little corner of the internet.  The other is of the bricks-and-mortar variety, the Old Day School in Bluntisham.
As the name suggests the Old Day School used to be the day school in days of old.  More recently it was home to the local Scout group, and it is now home to us.  This is a big deal for BaCStage as it gives us a permanent rehearsal space for the first time, not to mention somewhere to store our sets, props and bits and bobs.
The Old Day School
As with any new home there’s some work to do before we can move in.   We’ve already started on weeding and clearing gutters on the outside and on cleaning, tidying and painting on the inside.  Soon we’ll be able to set up our stage ready for rehearsing the panto (we have a clever ‘flat-pack’ stage that we set up in the village hall for productions and then dismantle afterwards… more on that another time) as well as having a place for social and other events as well.

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