Run for your wife

Last week several BaCStagers went to see another local group in action as the Centre Players performed Run for your wife in St. Ives.  One of the cast, Terry, has appeared in several recent BaCStage productions, so we were there to have a good laugh at him – for all the right reasons, of course.

And a good laugh it most definitely was, from start to finish.  All the cast made the most of a good script, bringing the characters vividly to life and getting the comic pace and timing just right.  All in all it was an excellent show.

As well as being good fun to watch it looked like a lot of fun to play as well.  One for BaCStage to have a go at in future, perhaps…?


Oooh, Rumpy Pumpy!

So this week we read Act 2 of Rumplestiltskin (don’t call him Rumpy Pumpy, he doesn’t like it!) and had a lot of fun with it.  So much so, in fact, that we decided not to read any more scripts but to go for it as our panto production…

…as long as we have enough people to cast it.   It’s a big cast, hopefully there will be enough of us to go round.  That’ll be what we’ll be working out over the next few weeks.

“But was Act 2 funnier than Act 1 as predicted?”  That would be telling.  You’ll just have to come along and see it to find out!  “But what if there aren’t enough of you to stage it?”  Well, if you’re reading this, and are in the area, and fancy joining your local Am Dram group…


A rare sunny weekend in the wet spring we’ve been having saw several BaCStagers at the Old Day School to continue with the big clean-up.  Inside the new coat of paint continues to expand to cover more of the wall space and outside we made the most of the weather to crack on with a number of different jobs.

Much of the yard is now weeded and cleared, old stumps, weeds and much of the ivy have been removed from the flower bed and overhanging trees and shrubs have been pruned back from the walls.

At some point in the past some of the lead was stolen from the roof.  The replacement we’ve put on is of the non-metallic variety, resembling a large role of duct tape.  Should keep the damp out!

We may have also solved the problem of flooding in the yard near the back of the building.  We thought it was a simple blocked drain, but even after clearing out years of accumulated silt the drain rods were hitting an obstruction.  Excavations revealed the cause of the problem – when a new drain had been fitted it had cut through an old drain, but the guttering at the back of the building still drained into that old drain.  So, we’re doing what should have been done when that later drain was installed and joining the old one into it.

After only two weekends of work the place is already looking a lot better.  It should make for a really good home for us.

Step 1 – Choose a script

Our next production is a panto next February.  But that’s ages away…  Oh no it’s not!  Oh yes it is!  Oh no it’s not!  Oh yes it is! … and so on … and so on …

Although that sort of rowdy banter is the basis of any pantomime (oh no it’s not!  Oh yes it is!) we need a bit more than that.  Actors are strange and fickle beasts (boo!) who make unreasonable demands (hiss!) like being told what to say, so what we need is – a script!  (Hooray!)  Over the next few weeks we’ll read some scripts, choose our favourite, sprinke some BaCStage magic on it and it’ll become our pantomime (Hooray… again).

This week we read Act 1 of a script for Rumplestiltskin.  It has some very good jokes in it (ha ha!), some truly awful ones (groan!) and a large portion of double-entendre slipped in as well (missus!)  We had a lot of fun reading it (oh yes we did!  oh no… let’s not start that again).  Next week we’ll be reading Act 2 and those who already have say that it’s even funnier than Act 1 (oh no it isn’t!)  Is it?  We’ll find out next week!

BaCStage has two new homes

It’s a busy old time for BaCStage at the moment.  Hot on the heels of our successful production of Pass the Butler we have already started work on our next production, and we have moved into not one but two new homes!

Well, sort of.  One of those homes is this website, our little corner of the internet.  The other is of the bricks-and-mortar variety, the Old Day School in Bluntisham.

As the name suggests the Old Day School used to be the day school in days of old.  More recently it was home to the local Scout group, and it is now home to us.  This is a big deal for BaCStage as it gives us a permanent rehearsal space for the first time, not to mention somewhere to store our sets, props and bits and bobs.

The Old Day School

As with any new home there’s some work to do before we can move in.   We’ve already started on weeding and clearing gutters on the outside and on cleaning, tidying and painting on the inside.  Soon we’ll be able to set up our stage ready for rehearsing the panto (we have a clever ‘flat-pack’ stage that we set up in the village hall for productions and then dismantle afterwards… more on that another time) as well as having a place for social and other events as well.